The following are the kinds of services we offer:

Editing Services

  • Editing a research article
  • Editing a response to article reviewers
  • Editing a PhD thesis
  • Editing course materials
  • Editing a book chapter
  • Editing a book
  • Editing a case study
  • Editing newsletters
  • Editing a research proposal
  • Editing a grant proposal
  • Formatting papers to specific journal styles

Writing Services

  • Writing award applications from structured notes
  • Rewriting published research for lay publications
  • Writing articles for university public relations magazines
  • Collaborating on turning ideas into written products


The business also offers workshops that help academics and PhD students think about writing in a new way by teaching how to implement practical tips for writing and structuring. For details, go to Workshops.


This window functions as an online version of footnotes.

The text in the left window has been written concisely, keeping in mind reading conventions on the net. All relevant but ancillary information has therefore been turned into a footnote.

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