“Ms Mehta is a professional whose research and writing is creative, of the highest standards and delivered on time. She understands the client’s needs and shows great initiative and dedication in turning ideas into written products.”
- Professor Robert Wood, Melbourne Business School

“Your writing is clear, well structured and parsimonious. You quickly grasped complicated ideas outside your domain of work and transformed them into a document that could be followed by the lay reader.”
- Dr Prithviraj Chattopadhyay, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

“Ms Mehta has been of great assistance in proofreading and professionally editing documents. She has tailored her work to our various unique requirements and delivered it to a standard one would expect.”
- Professor Siggi Gudergan, Executive Director, Centre for Management and Organisation Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney

“At a recent conference in Cologne, Germany, we were awarded the best PhD paper award and an honourable mention for best conference paper. This is due to your editing work. Reviewers acknowledged the readability of the paper. So, thanks again!”
- Dr Jochen Schweitzer, University of Technology, Sydney

“Tanvi is very effective and professional. She has helped me substantially to write clear, concise, logical and grammatically correct sentences.”
- Dr Hodaka Morita, University of New South Wales

“A good and accepted paper requires many ingredients: It is not only the contribution of your investigation, but also the way you present it in a paper that matters. I am very grateful to Ms Mehta. I especially value her many critical reflections, and our discussions afterwards. She is a real expert. Someone recommended her to me, and I do the same.”
- Dr Bart Larivière, Ghent University

“Tanvi’s editorial attack on our book proposal left no aspect unturned – vigorous questioning of flow and meaning, a hawk-eyed swooping down on the details, and a serious contemplation on choice of words. The proposal is now tightly secured by language, leaving readers free to grapple with the ideas.”
- Professor Dilip Soman, University of Toronto

“Tanvi is a thorough editor who has met our needs in a timely manner. She adapts her abilities to our writers’ varying styles and has a keen eye for detail.”
- Dr Kavita Sethi, Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong

“Tanvi Mehta is prompt, efficient and thorough. Tanvi’s eye for detail means that my job is made much easier and I can always rely on her to do a great job. One of her many strengths is her ability to grasp the needs of her clients.”
- Susan Prior, Editor, Onlineopinion.com.au

“She is an editor who can take on many different sorts of material, including demanding academic texts and complex citations. Her precision with language, her understanding of the broader issues involved in publishing, and her way of bringing authors and readers closer together, make her a good choice for challenging projects.”
- Matthew Richardson, Publisher, Halstead Press, Sydney

“Prompt and quality editing.”
- Dr Valentyn Panchenko, University of New South Wales

“Tanvi is efficient, thorough and consistent. She is able to satisfy the needs of her clients by easily adapting to the nature of the text. I would strongly recommend her to academics who wish to have either their journal articles or a comprehensive document such as a thesis edited.”
- Parmod Chand, Macquarie University


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