Principal - Tanvi Mehta

“Although being an editor has been fortuitous, it has not been completely random. I can see the continuities between a Masters in English Literature, a career in the media, and a business in editing academic materials. The thread that runs through them all is an intellectual inquiry about the world and the resulting need to create precise meaning, whether through prose, poetry, images or research.

My precise editorial qualifications? A Masters in English Literature external url icon, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing external url icon. Two years as an editor at a niche academic publishing house, Halstead Press external url icon, and I'm also a member of the Society of Editors (NSW), Australia external url icon. For a detailed background check, download my c.v.


Prajna Desai

“I've been word hungry since I was five, a writer since I was 21, and an editor in various unofficial and professional capacities ever since. Currently, I'm writing my first novel, have several short fiction pieces in the pipeline, teach business, academic, and everyday ESL in Tokyo, where I freelance as an academic editor and continue to write art criticism and art history.

My editorial training began in a focused way in 2003 while I was a graduate student at Yale University. For six years thereafter, I worked as a Teaching Fellow in the History of Art Program where I taught, advised, and guided students through writing assignments on a weekly basis. After receiving my degree, also from Yale, I expanded my former professional duties as teacher, advisor, and writing tutor to graduate and undergraduate students at colleges and universities in New York and Los Angeles. I have a Ph.D. in the history of art and an M.A. in English literature. Details about my academic and professional credentials are available in my resumé.

Robert Canwell

“From my experiences as a student of English literature, an author and editor, a writing coach and teacher of English as a foreign language, I have developed not only a fascination with English and its intricacies, but an attitude of encouragement and admiration for people who wish to use it well.

As a language coach, my private clients have included market researchers, trainers and top management from major corporations, including Petróleo Brasileiro external url icon (Brazil) and Samsung external url icon (South Korea).

Upon receiving my Bachelors in English (Literature and Creative Writing), USA external url icon, I began teaching ESL at the English Language School, Adelphi University, New York City external url icon. This experience lasted four years, during which I also served as an English coach for corporate and private clients. For details, take a look at my c.v.


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